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by 1M1S09a NAZURAH BINTI HAMZAH PST - Modul I - Wednesday, 21 March 2018, 9:29 AM


One way to think of permutations as the number of arrangements or orderings within a fixed group.  For example l,  if I have 5students and i want to figure out How many ways they can sit in five chairs,  i'm going to use the permutations formula.  First off, the number in the group is fixed. Secondly, I'm looking for how many ways I can "arrange" the students in 5 chairs. 


combinations in other hand are useful when figuring out how many groups I can form from a larger number of people. For instance, if I'm a basketball coach and I want to find out how many distinct teams I can form based on a group of people, I want to use Combinations.